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Thank you so much!!! Everyone who gave Episode 3 a watch this is a passion project of mine and it means so much to get to tell a original story. The purpose of these projects is not to get views but to practice the craft of story telling and to get better. I have been getting a lot of questions about when the next episode is going to come out. Like the last episode I’m giving my self a deadline for Episode 4 which is going to be late December/ early Jan. Here is a little sneak peek from Episode 4 this is the scene Virgil last saw his father. I had to go to some dark places to do this scene but it turned out to be a really powerful scene and it was really fun departing from what I normally do. :)

So for a long time I had this idea for a short and recently this pass month I have been quietly writing the short film entitled “Hank”. I’m going to start shooting it this week. It is by far the most different thing I’ve have written and I think that’s why I’m going to do it. And I am not playing the Doctor or anything like that. It’s about Hank.

Set Built. Filming in 3 days! Pumped. #episode5 #outlands


94% PR2



Things will inevitable go wrong on anything you do but it’s how you face it that will determine how everything turns out. There is always a solution to every problem always remember that.

I write this post from the Boston airport sitting in a old white washed rocking chair with the stains and…



Next week I’ll be going to Greenville South Carolina to have some fun patrolling for fun for a sequel to Fun Cop. :)

i think i might gif every single episode of “The Last Scene”, “New Prime”, “Pop Rocket” and “The New Scene” When it’s all finished.

but for now while my clothes are washing, i’ll make ones from “The Last Scene”. hopefully i can get back to doing this full time, along with my youtube videos c:


Prop Work begins for Pop Rocket Episode 5 which shoots this Spring. :)